PRI Webinar: Investor briefing - Is Sugar the next Tobacco?

PRI Webinar: Is Sugar the next Tobacco?

Date: 28 November

Time: 15:00-15:30 GMT / 10:00-10:30 EDT 

PRI signatories are invited to join an investor briefing webinar on sugar and the investment risks and opportunities. 

The prevalence of obesity and other diet-related diseases is at an all-time high. Major food and beverage companies face potential risks linked to this health phenomenon including increasing regulation, public policy changes, lower workforce productivity, changing consumer trends and litigation that could transform the industry into the “new tobacco”. Investors are increasingly looking for “healthier” investments in healthcare companies, leisure and fitness firms and “nutriceuticals” (specialist food products that provided additional health benefits). 

The webinar aims to raise awareness of sugar as an investment issue across the food, beverage and retail sectors and to gain support for the investor expectations document led by Schroders and Rathbones. It will also help address how investors can engage on this going forward. The webinar will provide a short, focused presentation by Schroders and Rathbones covering: 

  1. Schroders research note on sugar 
  2. The Sugar roundtable and the collaborative engagement work that Schroders and Rathbones have done 
  3. The Investor Expectations document and how investors can engage on this topic going forward 


  • Elly Irving, ESG Analyst, Schroders 
  • Matt Crossman, Engagement Manager, Rathbones 
  • Moderator: Bettina Reinboth, Manager, Social Issues, Principles for Responsible Investment
This webinar is hosted by the PRI and delivered in collaboration with Schroders and Rathbones

This event and PRI workstream links to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals Number 2, 3 & 12.




28 Nov 2016 03:00 PM - 03:30 PM (GMT)

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